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1 in 10 Seniors Die of Dental Neglect

The Shocking Price of Dental Neglect

Each year our seniors die at an alarming rate when their oral health is ignored. 1 in 10 will die of aspiration pneumonia due to untreated dental disease and neglected oral hygiene. This risk becomes much greater for patients with dementia, COPD, and stroke.


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“As a public health dentist, I have witnessed the rapid decline in the health of our geriatric patients due to pain and infection. Compromised chewing, lack of saliva due to medications, bad breath, inability to speak, and poor quality of life are the results of dental neglect. I fully support this life saving initiative!"

                                                    Dr. Kirsten Roling

                                                   Smiles by Delivery



"I was shocked when I heard the statement - one in ten seniors die of dental neglect. Not only is it shocking but it's heart-breaking. Seniors are a valuable part of our collective community and they enrich all our lives by their knowledge and wisdom. We must take action to ensure that their health is protected. Understanding, and then taking steps to stop dental neglect, is an actionable way to start." 

                                                           Michelle Trent

                                                    Remembered Well



"One-in-ten seniors die from dental neglect. Most common can be inhaling bacteria found in dirty dentures, gum infections or poorly maintained teeth causing aspiration pneumonia. With Alzheimer's disease now the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., oral health issues like these can put a loved one in our care at higher risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, malnutrition and death. We've been told for years to "take are of our teeth, " however as care partners to a loved one living with Alzheimer's and related dementias we may not be thinking seriously enough about the impact dental care has on our loved one's health and mortality." 

                                      Lisa B. Capp,

                                      Strength Through Transition

"I am a brother to an older sister who died 27 days after being seen for an abscess. The dentist tried to numb and drain it but couldn’t get her numb. He gave her antibiotics but 3 days later her face looked like a balloon! She went to the ER and started a nonstop bouncing back and forth between hospital, rehab, and home. Her heart’s electrical system went haywire and they tried to regulate with drugs, then shocking, then a pacemaker. She died on the 27th day while on the phone with 911. I feel she was always sent home way to soon after these interventions but that is how our system seems to function. But the underlying catalyst was the abscess. Working with mobile dentistry, I have seen that oral health concerns are largely ignored. Sometimes due to lack of education, sometimes from a lack of proper training and staffing, and some from pure apathy. The complexity of the problems attributing to this still comes down to two simple solutions - provide daily care and regular exams. How can that be so hard?!"

                                       Steven Laughary

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