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        The Next Public Health Crisis

                           of the

         Baby Boomer Generation

A Silent Epidemic

One in Ten Seniors die of dental neglect. One in ten! The odds are even higher when dementia, Alzheimer's, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, respiratory conditions, and other health factors. And the worst part is that it is completely preventable. 

By ignoring the oral health of our vulnerable senior population - a group who needs us the most - we are gambling their lives. 

Aspiration pneumonia is caused by inhaling the bacteria found in dirty and old dentures, rotting teeth, and gum infection. Simple preventative care is often all that is required to dramatically reduce this silent threat.

Are you committed to fighting this epidemic?

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Crushing the Silent Epidemic and Saving Lives
#1in10 Seniors Smiles is the lifesaving  initiative of Healthy Senior Smiles,
a nonprofit corporation, and Smiles by Delivery; a mobile dental provider for homebound seniors, headquartered  in the AZ Techcelerator, Surprise, AZ. Listen to our live radio broadcast, Healthy Senior Living each Tuesday at 12 noon (AZ time)