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Healthy Senior Smiles, nonprofit in Surprise, AZ announces national campaign #1in10 Senior Smiles

#1in10 Older Adults die from dental neglect.

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Surprise, Arizona (Wednesday, April 4, 2018)

Healthy Senior Smiles, a nonprofit a 501 (c)(3) pending organization, headquartered in Surprise, Arizona; yesterday announced a new initiative to combat the growing epidemic of seniors dying of dental neglect. The announcement was made by Elaine Mamola, RDH,AP; founder of Healthy Senior Smiles, and Dr. Kirsten Roling, Special Projects Director for Smiles by Delivery, on Healthy Senior Living, a weekly internet based radio show.

The #1in10SeniorSmiles campaign addresses the rising incidences of aspiration pneumonia and other severe health risks that are increasingly endangering the elderly because of a lack of proper oral health. Older adults are especially at risk for the fastest growing oral health condition "Dry Mouth", clinically known as Xerostomia; caused by many common medications and conditions. Dry mouth can lead to serious dental destruction as the lack of saliva cannot protect the teeth from dental decay. Dry mouth affects nearly 25% of the population and is costly to treat if not caught early.

Dr. Roling has a long history in public health having served as Chief for th eOffice of Oral Health, Maricopa County; Dept, of Public Health. "Science and data tell us the importance of the oral-systemic connection. Poor dental health increases the risk of death by aspiration pneumonia. Dental neglect, caregiver training, public outreach, expansion of dental scope of practice, and enforcemnt of federal and state laws are all required to ensure the health and well-being of our older adults. It is my pleasure to help lead a national initiative that will protect our most vulnerable population."

Ms. Mamola said, "We created Healthy Senior Smiles to address the major and highly preventable risks we see in our senior patients every day. Shockingly, most of ournew senior patients have not seen a dentist in over three years - and they are the population who needs care the mostt. We are excited to work with other health professionals and caregivers to dramatically change the #1in10 odds and improve the lives of seniors.""

More information about the #1in10 movement including a link to the Healthy Senior Smiles interview can be found at www.1in10seniorsmiles.com

Healthy Senior Smiles positively impacts the health of senior sby conducting research, offering education, providing preventative oral health services ,and helping low-oncome underserved and homebound seniors access emergency and comprehensive dental care.

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